Disclaimer: This post is not about the efficacy of masks for COVID.

I was watching The Crown on Netflix and in one of the early episodes, there’s a depiction of the Great London Fog of 1952. The government was aloof as citizens suffered from thick air pollution laced with toxins…

Every single week I am perplexed by the stadiums and arenas filled with people screaming and yelling to watch their favorite sports teams because on my local newscasts I hear public health experts talk about how they wouldn’t dare eat at an indoor restaurant.

We have vaccines that are preventing…

America, it is time to Grow Up.

This country is dealing with multiple crises at a time and rather than taking a serious posture of figuring how to best navigate these difficulties we are resorting to blaming, name-calling, and hoping for a Hollywood ending where the hero saves everyone and…

Geneva Fortson

Health and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Women’s Health and Wellness Expert, Women’s Empowerment Evangelist, and recorder of the human experience

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