Why fluff is ruining our lives

I hate fluff.

I hate fluff with a passion.

I have sat through one too many sessions this year of people spouting off fluff as if it is a great big revelation but I read the same book and followed the same people so…

Fluff definition: entertainment or writing perceived as trivial or superficial. Something of no consequence.

Fluff is ruining our lives because it’s giving us shallow and superficial answers to the complex questions of our lives.

Fluff is giving us misleading information for who is to blame for our problems and why we are in the situations we are in.

Fluff is placing cliches, platitudes, and selfies where there needs to be truth, wisdom, and introspection.

Fluff gives shallow and superficial answers to complex questions and situations

People are dealing with complex problems and situations.

The internet’s answer seems to be to post a selfie, a meme with yet another motivational platitude, or tell people that they are losers and don’t want it bad enough.

In the real world, the answer seems to be to trash anyone who is different from you and blame them for all of your problems.

The abundance of fluff has fooled us into believing there are easy answers to complex problems.

As a Health and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, I see this all of the time. People want to get healthier and the answer according to the trainer is to track every morsel of food that goes in your mouth, learn every macro and micronutrient that exists, exercise for two hours every day, and if you don’t do this, then you hate yourself, your life, and your family.

Hold on there buddy — it’s not that simple.

People have psychological issues with food and until you get people to acknowledge that important detail, then they will not sustain any results that they may have.

From a physiological standpoint, before we talk about complicated diet routines, diet dogmas, and the rest of it — I need you to work from the inside out and that starts with gut healing and improving your digestion.

We aren’t what we eat. We are what we absorb and many people these days have a messed up digestive tract due to processed foods, too much sugar, and poor nutrition. The gut plays a pivotal role in lasting fat loss along with a healthy metabolism.

I know that if I tried to market that program it would be a hard sell. People would much rather if I fed them a bunch of fluff because it makes them feel good for the moment and seems like an easy answer rather than the complex physiology.

Fluff has become the gospel in politics. This country is facing some serious and complex economic problems. Rather than having those hard discussions about what is going on and what actually needs to take place, people are placated by fluff catchphrases and speeches full of fluff.

There is rarely an easy answer to complex problems.

Fluff gives misleading information about the ROOT of the problems.

Fluff is only designed to appeal to the surface because going into deep waters is dark, murky, and uncomfortable.

When the waves come and you have to go deep, fluff will not help you. Fluff is of no help in dark, murky, and uncomfortable situations. It only adds to your misery.

Trade the fluff for truth, wisdom, and introspection

We’ve got to start telling the truth.

Our society doesn’t like this. They want the fluff, the platitudes, the artificial happiness, and the shallow messages because they don’t require truth.

You cannot have transformation without truth.

Whether it’s finally admitting that you’re an emotional eater, you use food as a coping mechanism, or admitting that you have low self-worth and poor self-esteem.

You have got to tell the truth and begin to live unashamed.

It’s not the world’s job to soothe your insecurities.

YOU have to tell the truth about your insecurities and do the work of personal development to become secure.

We need wisdom.

After we tell the truth, then we need real wisdom.

We don’t need cliches, memes, fake happiness, and selfies. We need real wisdom from wise people. We don’t need people who have memorized passages from a book or took great notes at a motivational seminar and can now regurgitate them verbatim.

We need people to speak words of wisdom into our lives no matter how uncomfortable it makes us and how hard it is to hear. Wise people have so much to give because they’ve earned every bit of wisdom from their journey.

Wisdom is uncomfortable and wisdom will cause introspection.

We need Introspection and we need to go deep.

Fluff tells us everyone else is the problem.

Introspection tells you that you are the problem.

Introspection tells you that you’re in your own way and that you need to take responsibility for your own life.

Perhaps this is why fluff sells so well. It places blame on everyone else but ourselves. It prevents us from doing the work of personal development and diving deep into our wiring for why we make the decisions we make.

Fluff tells us it’s about haters.

Fluff tells us it’s about being positive.

Fluff tells us it’s about another motivational speech, sermon, or meme.

Introspection tells us we are responsible for our own lives and why we aren’t moving forward.

Introspection tells us to go deep and find out what is holding us back.

Introspection tells us to do the work to get out of our way.

Introspection will cause us to change our thinking, change our habits, change our behaviors, and ultimately change our lives.

If this resonated with you in any way go ahead and click that little heart. I’m a Health and Lifestyle Transformational Coach who helps people go deep and transform their lives from the inside and out.

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Health and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Women’s Health and Wellness Expert, Women’s Empowerment Evangelist, and recorder of the human experience

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Geneva Fortson

Geneva Fortson

Health and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Women’s Health and Wellness Expert, Women’s Empowerment Evangelist, and recorder of the human experience

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